Thursday, September 14, 2006

Is Listing Your eBook With Online Stores Worth the Trouble?

I just joined an online group of like-minded individuals who want to promote and sell their eBooks, and one question I was asked was if submitting to online stores was worth it in the long run. But, more explicitely, was it better to list with the major bookstores or as many as you could?

Of course, any kind of promotion is great, but let's take a look at the advantages listing your eBooks with online stores.

For one thing, you're getting your outgoing link in as many places as you can which turns into higher rankings in the search engines.

Second, you're giving people who might not venture into online bookstore #1, but might venture into online bookstore #2, a chance to find out, and perhaps purchase, your eBook.

Third, most of them are virtually free.

I list almost fifty online bookstores in my eBook "A Complete Guide to Promoting & Selling Your Self-Published eBook" which doesn't cost you a dime. Some will ask for a reciprocal link, and I even had one ask me if I had an affiliate program because they wanted to run my ad (free) in their newsletter.

So, my answer to this is to list your eBook in as many venues as you can, including online bookstores.

To give you a start, here are a few excerpted from my eBook:

eBook Gallery
Submitting Page:
(Place your eBook under “Submit A New Site” and add eBook cover image)

Ebook Heaven
Submitting Page:

Jogena eBook Directory
Submitting Page:

For more ideas on promoting your eBook, visit
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