Thursday, August 31, 2006

New eBook Promotion Blog for Self-Published Authors

Hello there! If you have found us by skill or luck, I want to let you know what this blog will be all about. It will be about explaining how you, the self-published eBook author, can find ways to promote your self-published eBooks so that you can have greater profit. Sound good?

Of course, it does because if you have written and self-published an eBook, you know that selling your product over the Internet can be very profitable.

In this blog, I'll share what I have discovered in the way of self-promotion and help you turn your self-published eBook into a megaseller. And, what is so fantastic about it is that all the profits are yours alone!

I will be discussing the eBook market and trends, and keep you up-to-date on where the best market is to sell your eBook. I will be showing you ways to turn your website into a viral marketing machine and ways in which you can not only promote your eBook, but yourself, too.

Oh, I didn't introduce myself. Bad me.

I'm Dorothy Thompson, editor of The Writer's Life, and author of How to Find and Keep Your Soul Mate and 101 Facts You Never Knew About Soul Mates; but more importantly, I'm about to release an eBook titled A Complete Guide to Promoting & Selling Your Self-Published eBook that I do believe you will find useful in your eBook promotion.

I welcome any questions which you can leave in the comment section.

Have a wonderful day and start cranking out those eBooks because I'm going to show you how to promote those eBooks so that you can start reaping the benefits!
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