Friday, September 01, 2006

Why Choose Self-Publishing in Electronic Format?

As it's been said, there's a book in all of us. So be it for eBooks.

When you self-publish your own eBooks, it opens up a door that otherwise would have been closed. That's the charm of self-publishing.

But, the main charm for me is that I am in total control. I control the covers. I control the content. I control how I want this baby sold, and who knows how to sell my eBook better than me?

So, in essence, I am my own book's best PR person.

There are many reasons authors choose to write their own eBooks and publish it themselves, but the main reason is total profits.

It's more of a business venture than an obsession of holding that print book in your own hands.

That's the main difference.

We all love our print books, but our eBooks are used to make money because as we all know, when we publish print books, someone else gets a piece of the pie. And many of us do have print books, but the eBooks that we self-publish on the side helps to carry us over while we wait those months, and even years, for our print book to be publishied.

Ebooks are instant books , which in turn becomes instant profits.

I was talking to a colleague the other day about eBooks and how excited I was to get into this area of publishing and she looked at me and said, "But how do you sell a book that you can't physically hold?"

I explained to her the various methods I outlined in the book itself, and you know, she looked at me and said, "Dorothy, you're on to something."

Of course, I already knew that, but it really felt good that someone out there gets it.

Promoting eBooks isn't hard, but it's time-involved, just as any type of book. You have to be committed. And you have to be determined to do whatever you can to sell your eBook because the more you put in it, the more you'll get out of it.

That's what this blog is going to be about - promoting and selling your eBook and making 100% profit.

Stay tuned and I'll give away a few secrets as time goes on.

But, the first step is writing the eBook and that's what my next blog post is going to be about, so stay tuned!
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